How to Get Free Wi-Fi – Almost Anywhere

Whether you are a businessperson on the road, a tourist abroad or just a geek on the go — finding free Wi-Fi can be a lifesaver. Here are a few tips to help you find free internet access anywhere in the world.

2Cafés, Hotels, and Malls

wifi at cafe

The first place to look for free Wi-Fi is the most obvious. Today just about any hotel, café or mall worth its salt provides free internet access. In a mall, you can just find a spot to sit and get hooked up. For hotels and cafes, so long as you are close you should be in range to get Wi-Fi. Ideally, these places want you to be a guest or buy something before using their connection. If it’s a small business (as opposed to a multi-national chain), then you should purchase something — even if it’s only a cup of coffee… to ease your conscience.