The Real Reasons Why Men Love Breasts

Advertisers use women’s’ breasts to sell just about anything to the male consumer and men jump at any chance to get a glimpse of them. Why the male infatuation with breasts? Below is a list of the real reasons for men’s love affair with one of women’s greatest assets.

 The “Curiosity “Factor

Men will spend hours pondering on the mystery of what a woman’s breasts look like under her clothing. However, seeing a pair in the flesh does not satisfy men’s curiosity. There is a whole world full of breasts in different sizes, shapes, and colors for men to ponder.

 The “Look” Factor

Some men go for small and pert, others for big and buxom, but the bottom line is men love how breasts look in all their glorious forms.

 The “Feel” Factor

‘Soft,’ ‘smooth’ and ‘supple’ are just some of the words used to describe breasts. The truth is there is nothing that comes close to the feel of a woman’s glorious bosom. As a result, men take every opportunity, when a woman allows, to put their hands on them.

 The “Curve” Factor

A woman’s body is endowed with flowing curves, and the elegant swell of breasts just adds to this beauty. Breasts are the icing on the top of the cake that is the feminine physique.

 The “Bounce” Factor

Men love to watch breasts wobble and shake when a woman walks or runs. If a woman is jumping  – it’s game over. The sight of a pair of breasts bouncing up and down transfixes most males.

 The “Comfort” Factor

Earning a crust in the big bad world can be hard, and there is nothing more comforting for a man than resting his weary heads on a woman’s soft bosom. Call it childhood regression if you like, but nuzzling into warm welcoming breasts can calm and re-invigorate a man to face the world afresh.

 The “Twin” Factor

Like most good things in life, breasts come in twos, and this creates one of the true wonders of the world – a woman’s cleavage.

 The “Handiness” Factor

Breasts are very handy when it comes to sex. As well as providing one of the focal points for a man’s attention, they also double as useful handholds during certain love making positions.

 The “Nip” Factor

Although beautiful in their own right, what really intrigues men about nipples is the clues they give to how a woman is feeling (and let’s face it, men need all the help they can get with this). If nipples are erect, then a woman is excited (or cold). Either way, it’s a thing of beauty.

 The “Health” Factor

Finally – and there is now scientific evidence for this – women’s breasts can improve a men’s health. Just as medical studies have shown people with pets live longer, so it is with men when it comes to women’s bosoms. Just looking at women’s breasts for as little as 15 minutes a day can increase a man’s longevity and boost his health… according to the scientists lucky enough to do the research.