God’s Plan for Diabetes

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Holy Scripture is teeming with age-old wisdom and guidance on how we can live meaningful, fruitful lives. However, did you know that there are also verses galore on how we can manage certain illnesses and diseases?

In the Old Testament, for example, Leprosy (now known as Hansen’s Disease) was common. If you were unlucky enough to have it – you’d be an outcast – as it was considered untreatable. However, one can read in 2nd Kings, Chapter 5 a case where the Prophet Elisha instructs a man named Naaman to jump into the Jordan River seven times. When he does so, Scripture goes on to read that his flesh was restored “like that of a young boy”.

Nowadays, Hansen’s scourge is treated with an array of drugs; and even fevers can be mitigated by just about any over-the-counter drug like acetaminophen.

But what about more insidious diseases such as Diabetes or even Cancer?  How does the Bible approach these?

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