Live Like a King for Under $15K a Year in these 10 Countries

Even if you have a decently paid job, you are never likely to live in the lap of luxury in the US. (Unless you win the Powerball of course). However, there are places where your average income will give you more than above average lifestyle.

So whether you want a break from the 9 to 5 serfdom or are looking to emigrate, here are some of the best places on Earth you can live like royalty for a not-so-princely sum.


In the smaller cities and towns, you can live the high life for about $1,200 a month. A couple of hundred dollars will rent you a big house and restaurant meals cost about the same as a soda in the US. There is also a vast resource of people you can hire to do your domestic chores for just a small amount. India offers an incredibly vibrant, mainly Hindu culture. It has deserts, mountains, beaches and everything in between.