Top Non-Flower, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s nearly approaching that very special day where we get to honor the mothers in our lives. Whether they’re our own mothers, wives, sisters, favorite cousins, or even neighbors – moms certainly deserve the acknowledgment (I say all year round really). And on this most meaningful day – what do the majority of us go and do?

We get flowers.

Really!? Again?

Don’t get me wrong. Flowers are great. But getting them year after year, kind of gets worn. Don’t you agree? Also, Mother’s Day conspicuously comes around allergy season. Ever given someone very expensive flowers and just watched as their eyes teared up with what you thought was joy… then, suddenly, they start sneezing their heads off?

Yeah, not pleasant. And there’s no need to guess where your nice, expensive flowers are headed: straight in the garbage!

But worry not. With just a little bit of creativity, you can make your mother’s day’s gift one to remember! Below are some great alternative gift ideas you can bet on.


I Am a Mom Mother's Day Mug
Mugs make an awesome Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mugs are awesome and simple gifts you can buy a mom. They’re inexpensive, can be personalized, and are practical. And if your mother is a coffee or tea lover – it’s more a reason to get her one as you can be certain she’ll use it. Heck, and coming from you – it may even become her favorite one! Click Here to get the one in picture.


T-shirts, like mugs, are other awesome and simple gifts you can get. And like the aforementioned – they have the same features (inexpensive, personalization, etc.). However, the big difference is that a mom can actually wear this gift with pride and joy wherever she goes!


I am a Mom Pendant
Pendants also make great gifts

Unlike your typical jewelry, pendants go further than simply adding decorative appeal to what you wear. That’s because pendants symbolize or represent something. So, there’s really no worrying about if it “looks” right. A mom can put it on with just about anything. Plus, they’re not pricey! Click Here to get the one in picture.

Spa Day

Who wouldn’t want to come home to a great back and foot rub after a long, hard day at work (or one just as hard at home raising kids!)? I imagine practically anyone would. A Spa Day is the perfect gift for this. But, in addition to the back and foot rub – you can literally opt in to the mom in your life a complete beauty treatment… hair, nails, weed wraps and more!

Tickets to a Show

Though not quite as inexpensive as the other mom’s day gift ideas, tickets to a show is an exciting gift! It means a mom can not only go out on the town and relax – but be entertained in the process. And all this can make it a gift to remember for a lifetime.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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